Fall 2020 Pop-Up Sale Is On!

After giving it a lot of thought, I have decided to go ahead with a fall pop-up sale at home base the first weekend of October. I was hesitating for a couple of reasons, the first being the COVID-19 pandemic. However since we have come back with onsite estate sales, they have been busier than ever along with many requests from clients needing sales. We are booked solid with four sales per week, even Labor Day weekend! People always enjoy shopping the estate sales but I think because there are not as many things to do out in public right now, more and more people are turning to estate sales as a welcome break from their at-home routine. The other reason I was hesitating is that Vintage Shop Hop has decided to go in another direction and will no longer allow pop-up events in non-commercial areas. This would mean that I would not be tied down to have my event on a specific weekend in order to participate in theirs.

As I believe I have mentioned before, I really like the timing of their two sales weekends, especially October. My birthday is October 7 and the weather is usually delightful that time of year. So it is settled, I am proceeding with our Fall pop-up sale October 1-4 which is Thursday-Sunday. The hours will be the same as our estate sales, 10:00 to 4:00 or as long as we have customers. CLICK HERE to view the ad with all the details. We will be posting the photos from the March sale to the ad initially but as we get organized we will be shooting new photos and adding more information.

I posted a lot of Native American jewelry on Thursday evening, the photo is above. Yes, this is a new Replica Surface called Desert Clay. It is supposed to be a mid-century Southwest look which is a great combination for me. I think it looks good with this mostly non-turquoise jewelry. As quickly as it was offered, this Surface is no longer on their website so I'm glad I snapped it up when it was launched. I also purchased Smoke which was also a newly launched Surface as well as All White. Now I have plenty of Surfaces to work with, although I will be keeping an eye out for new ones!

This lot is a combination of my personal pieces and some new arrivals. My collection is always evolving and I decided to let go of some pieces which I never reach for. These would be the Vincent Platero butterfly pendant, the Dean Sandoval butterfly statement ring, the Valentino & Matilda Banteah Zuni coin silver statement ring and the Native American pearls on the right. The four-strand sterling pearls necklace, the cuff bracelet with lapis stones, the elongated oval turquoise ring at the upper left and all three pairs of earrings are spoken for, the remaining items are all for sale.

Silver is up right now and my resources have passed the higher prices along to me. However although the new pieces are costing more these days they are still a great investment. This jewelry will never go out of style because it looks good on men, women and children of every age. The jewelry takes on the aura of its wearer and that is what makes it so special. I am going to try and post another lot this evening but right now I need to get ready to pick up the supplies from our Winnetka sale. Until next time!