• Tucson 2023

    Tucson Gem Show 2023 recap including a major setback and an odd Airbnb experience, starting to build the online store inventory, February plans.
  • Final Push Before Tucson

    Pumping out more jewelry for sale before heading to Tucson, shooting my first jewelry modeling photos, embarking on a fun local road trip.
  • The First Tucson Gem Show Jewelry Sale

    Cranking out Tucson jewelry at discounted prices before the shows, discovering a new shopping destination, planning to make the most of Tucson Gem Show shopping.
  • Federico Jewelry Sale

    Crunch time to post Tucson Gem Show jewelry for sale before it is time to buy more, unexpected companions for our Tucson trip, special family dinner to mark the conclusion of the holidays.
  • Northern Arizona 2022

    Northern Arizona road trip recap, home improvement update, preparing jewelry to send to the caravan.
  • Las Vegas 2022

    Las Vegas recap, preparing jewelry for sale during downtime, looking forward to the next leg of the road trip.
  • Moving Things Around As Usual

    Dealing with the aftermath of the Scottsdale sale, getting household and hair shaped up in preparation for a road trip, catching up with estate sale paperwork.
  • Scottsdale Sale Is A Wrap

    Scottsdale sale recap, local restaurant review, upcoming plans.
  • A Tradesperson A Day

    Overload of people working on the Scottsdale home, a plumbing hiccup leaves us without a kitchen sink, starting plans for our "moving in" sale.
  • The Dreaded Phoenix 7

    The dreaded Phoenix 7 and a few highlights on how I got there, U-Box by U-Haul odyssey coming to an end, making plans for our "moving in" sale.
  • A Long Road To Get Here

    Final preparations to transition to AZ, unexpected obstacles during travel, getting the basic necessities settled, jewelry plans for the month of November.
  • A Miraculous Find

    An unexpected find, unique variscite jewelry lot, the first Brie's get together since the pandemic, making the final push before leaving for Scottsdale.