• Coming Home Soon

    Booking our plane tickets to return home, more setbacks on the medical front, shipping more jewelry home for the caravan, keeping on top of estate sale paperwork, posting more jewelry online.
  • New Federico Jewelry On The Way

    Working on a different category of jewelry, new photography props, transitioning work areas due to a weather change, doing a bit of thrift shopping, new restaurant review.
  • Schmooze / Mother's Day 2023

    Time to fluff up the furbabies, new restaurant review, working to make progress on the healthcare front, a low-key Mother's Day.
  • Last Native American Jewelry Lot For A While

    Family health developments, the height of the estate sale season, selling plan for the rest of our time this spring.
  • AZ Tiki Oasis 2023

    Visiting AZ Tiki Oasis for the first time, awesome summer cooling idea, family health update, restaurant report, online store progress.
  • Turquoise Is Back

    Posting the first jewelry lot in a month, completing taxes for the year, U-Box is on its way home, new restaurant reviews, attending a great vintage show.
  • A Near Miss

    Witnessing a car accident for the first time, checking out the home that got away, cookie trip, pop-up sale visit, antique mall disappointment, dining in Old Town at a peak tourist time, revving up the jewelry caravan for next week.
  • Easter 2023

    A small holiday celebration, missed important appointment, home woes continue, U-Box is in, improving tax preparation.
  • A New Landscape

    Kuochun's health update, trying a famous local breakfast, getting the landscape looking right, new office chair, hit or miss restaurant reviews, making progress with the online store.
  • Short And Sweet

    Shipping more jewelry for the caravan, introducing some new handmade cards, thinking about how to spend the last month in Arizona, upcoming estate sale highlights.
  • Lights Are On

    Restoring electrical to the house, shipping jewelry home for the caravan, new jewelry postings and primary closet, restaurant reviews, finding a great piece of mid-century modern art.
  • Heard Museum Show 2023

    Attending the Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair & Market for the first time, mini Federico jewelry posting, preparing a package to send home for the caravan, divvying up workspaces throughout the house.