• Downsizing Sale Is In The Books

    An eventful downsizing sale, dealing with the last of the items the previous owner left behind, a Costco Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping, saving money on the phone bill.
  • What Randhurst Should Have Been

    Making many visits to a great local shopping center which includes Chicago favorites, lining up a handyman to prepare pop-up sale area, dining recap so far.
  • Quite A Journey, But We Made It

    Celebrating Kuochun's birthday, transitioning to Scottsdale, getting ready to book Tucson Gem Show accommodations, looking forward to a normal schedule.
  • Last Chance To See The Jewelry!

    Last chance to see the Native American and Mexican jewelry, brunched out for a long while, setting up healthy eating meal prep for the family, preparing the consignment jewelry for a wholesale liquidation.
  • The End Of An Era?

    The possible end of the Mount Prospect pop-up sale era, three dinners out and a birthday cake, preparing to transition to Scottsdale with lots of jewelry in tow.
  • One Week To Go!

    Revisiting some oldie but goodie restaurants and thinking about another, ramping up the inventory for the pop-up sale, starting to downsize the pop-up sale main room, making long-range plans for the jewelry offerings.
  • Two Weeks And Counting

    Preparing the Czech rhinestone jewelry for sale, starting to photograph vintage home decor, no time for a jewelry purge but posting some new jewelry online.
  • Breezeway Work Continues

    Bad news on the medical front, trying to keep life on an even keel, continuing to stage the breezeway for the pop-up sale, last grouping of new to me vintage Native American jewelry at this time but going out with a bang.
  • Breezeway Staging Has Begun

    A working Labor Day, preparing lots of new arrival jewelry for sale, redoing the caravan, staging the breezeway for the Fall pop-up, staying on top of jewelry purge postings.
  • Time To Lighten The Load

    Taking time to complete some tasks which have been on my plate for a while, making more room to work in my small office, chipping away at the Native American jewelry backlog, preparing to stage the breezeway for the pop-up sale.
  • A Mini Vacation?

    Dealing with a negative review, better news on the medical front, posting more beautiful jewelry online, a mini "vacation" from running around to doctor's appointments.
  • A Marathon, Not A Sprint

    Medical ups and downs, visiting 4 grocery stores in a week, posting great jewelry online, keeping up with estate sale tasks, planning to start work on the pop-up sale.