• Packing And More Packing

    Preparing to load the U-Box containers for their trip to Scottsdale, major closet cleanouts, planning the Scottsdale jewelry display, waiting to make travel plans, buying new iPhones and a dog training course.
  • A Sweet Deal

    Upcoming jewelry selling opportunities, booking the final move of items to Arizona, starting a must try list for Las Vegas.
  • Cranking Out The Jewelry

    First new Sunday night posting in a month, taking real time to prepare silver jewelry for sale, Kuochun's health update, rethinking our travel plans.
  • Costco "Next Level" Haul

    Costco shopping mission in search of next level snacks, improving the shipping and jewelry label process, reserving a new car, ending the insurance company fight, preparing to leave for the winter sooner than expected.
  • Tackling The To-Do List

    Handling some extra tasks that there never seems to be time for, two restaurant reviews, starting a new car search, Labor Day weekend work plans.
  • Never Let Anyone Dim Your Light

    A business setback, pop-up sale recap, planning Las Vegas and Tucson winter trips.
  • Pop-Up Sale Preparation Is Under Way

    Preparing for the summer pop-up jewelry sale, posting a dreamy turquoise jewelry lot, watching informative videos on Facebook, starting to plan a holiday vacation.
  • Summer Jewelry Pop-Up Sale Is On!

    Announcing our summer jewelry pop-up sale, extra estate sale work, Morton Grove restaurant review, introducing new branded packaging and business cards.
  • Brunch Doubleheader

    Mixing things up with the next jewelry purge, preparing for the possible impromptu pop-up sale, hitting up two new brunch spots, organizing our finances.
  • Sunday Night Jewelry Purge Is Back

    Posting the first jewelry purge in two months, switching from Facebook feed to videos, deciding whether Las Vegas is worth a visit, unexpected jewelry splurge, updated Barrington restaurant review, considering an impromptu pop-up sale, getting Scottsdale into shape.
  • My House Is Melting!

    Latest problem at the Scottsdale house, selling jewelry in unexpected ways, more hopeful loved ones health update, getting a handle on the costume jewelry collection, more costume jewelry babies leaving the nest, new restaurant review.
  • Tackling The Mountain Of Jewelry

    Failed cookie order update, making real progress on getting the jewelry collection prepped for sale, countdown to our "Sweet 16" fall pop-up sale in less than three months.