• A Double Dose Of Native American Jewelry

    Posting two great lots of Native American estate jewelry, running around to doctor's offices and two different hospitals, preparing for Mother's knee replacement surgery, planning to train our two dogs while Vivi stays with us, summer jewelry plan.
  • One Thing Off My Bucket List...

    Thinking about (but not too deeply) a bucket list and checking something off the list, Kuochun moving in the right direction food-wise, posting a true estate jewelry lot, introducing vintage costume jewelry to the caravan for Spring, possible Arizona selling opportunity, Summer plans.
  • Buffalo Dancer Is Back

    Introducing a new lot of Buffalo Dancer jewelry, slowing down the online boutique purchasing, building up the orders on Shopify, estate sale paperwork looming.
  • Tax Day Is In The Books

    Completing 2021 taxes, reminiscing about home organization, wondering when it is going to warm up, family health update, posting a great Native American turquoise jewelry lot.
  • Powering Through The Jewelry Stash

    Creating new content for the jewelry caravan, continuing to organize and update the vintage jewelry collection, getting the Tucson Gem Show finds into circulation, taking advantage of Shopify's features to improve the customer experience, more jewelry selling goals, TV as a guilty pleasure.
  • Scottsdale Update & More

    Family health update, Scottsdale construction end in sight, two jewelry lots in one week, Arizona jewelry selling opportunities.
  • One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

    A major setback for Kuochun, posting a random Native American jewelry lot, selling more high-end items online.
  • I'm Just So Creative, LOL

    Posting most of the Federico jewelry from this year's Tucson Gem Show, more hair drama, making some online jewelry sales, Kuochun's health update.
  • Working Our Way Back To Normal

    Improving the health of loved ones, hitting a couple of new spots in Mount Prospect, buying yet more photography surfaces and props, posting another gallery-worthy jewelry lot.
  • A Major Wake-Up Call

    A life-changing event which caused a change of venue.
  • Making The Rounds In Phoenix

    Dining and shopping around the Phoenix area, posting the second gallery-worthy lot of Native American estate jewelry, sending the jewelry caravan to the second local estate sale event.
  • Yes, I Love Cars!

    Preparing for our next Arizona event, my life-long love affair with nice cars, beginning to post a new round of gallery-worthy jewelry.