Fifth Week At Home

Our fifth week at home is in the books and with it came a major update. On Thursday April 23, our governor announced that the stay at home order would be extended through Saturday May 30. However controls will be loosened a bit and the one that impacts us most is the fact that all retail businesses will be allowed to offer curbside pickups to their customers starting May 1. This will help us slowly transition back to estate sales again and I will be able to allow curbside pickups at home base and start to sell non-jewelry items. Right now we are polling our clients who had onsite sales scheduled for May, giving each of them options to proceed. So far, we have moved our Skokie sale to June 4-7. We have a list of folks who would like to purchase items from our Franklin Park sale, we were planning a continuation of that sale in May but will move it to June. However since we have already conducted two public sale days at that location prior to the stay at home order, we will allow online purchasing and curbside pickups prior to the June sale. The hope is that by this time next month, the curve will be flattened and that we will at least be able to safely transition to by appointment sales in June.

In the meantime, I continue to spend full-time hours on the jewelry business. I hit a big milestone and after working full-time on the Native American jewelry 7 days a week, every day since the stay at home order began, I posted my last lot on Facebook last night. I also switched gears a bit and posted a lot of beautiful new Mexican jewelry from Elysium in between, represented by the photo above. I purchased this jewelry from the Tucson Gem Show in February and sadly have not been able to present it for sale yet. As I expected, our Facebook fans loved the pendants with the bees on them, especially the bumblebee jasper which is hard to find. Four of the five pendants sold right away and I just have one of the turquoise pendants remaining. I will recap the other lots I presented this week at the bottom of this posting.

My online store is starting to gain traction - I've had sales from our Roselle online estate sale as well as eBay and Etsy every day this week. This gives me the encouragement I need to complete the final leg of the Native American jewelry project which is to post the remaining items which did not sell in the online stores. I launched an online sale of newer to new Native American jewelry and plan to launch the vintage Native American jewelry sale on Monday. These sales link back to their respective categories in the C'est La Brie's online store for secure purchase. I passed the 100 mark of sending out PayPal invoices for Facebook group jewelry sales for 2020 this week as well. I am so very grateful for all of the sales because it is helping me to keep the business afloat. This is a very challenging time but the door is open a crack now.

On tap for this week - finish our estate sale plan for the month of May and get started on the Southwest Style jewelry collection. I have beautiful pieces from Barse, Carolyn Pollack, Desert Rose Trading by Jay King, Silpada and more. See you next time!

From this lot, the fetish bear necklace, all three earrings with onyx stones, the onyx bracelet, the starry night horse pendant and the mother of pearl ring have all sold, the other items are available.

From this lot, the 3/4 hoop earrings have sold, the other items are available.

From this lot, one of the three chip necklaces, the fetish necklace, the orange teardrop earrings, the vintage beaded earrings, the green slab earrings and the watch tips have sold, the others are available.