"Get Me Out Of It" Sale

If you attend our estate sales and have met Saralee, you know she is quite a character. We met Saralee when we had our second store in Mount Prospect, about 10 years ago. She came into our store and we struck up a conversation, it turned out she was a seller of jewelry and vintage items and this was right up our alley. We were always looking for interesting items to present in our store. The rest was history, she turned out to be our best consignor and regularly provided us with great jewelry and vintage home decor. We were honored to the be the first people "allowed" to visit her treasure trove at her home.

Saralee would pop into the store with her offerings in tow, I would select what I wanted to consign and we would go over pricing. Sometimes when I'd ask her the price she'd like to receive for a particular item, it would turn out to be a bit too high for the customers so I'd ask her if she could do a little better for them. Once in a while she'd say "JUST GET ME OUT OF IT!" meaning sell the item such that the price she'd receive would be what she paid.

As I start to review my jewelry inventory this summer in preparation for the holiday season, I've decided not to sell newer costume jewelry anymore. I'd rather focus on the Tucson Gem Show finds, sterling silver and vintage costume jewelry going forward. As a result, I'm going to hold my first "Get Me Out Of It" clearance sale, where the final selling price will be the price I paid. I will be posting groupings of the jewelry on Facebook and I have just posted the photos to our upcoming Rolling Meadows estate sale ad where the new pricing will be officially debuted June 6-9.

Because this jewelry is from the caravan and not estate sale items, I am happy to sell pieces ahead of time. Prices range from $10-$22 after discounting. These are beautiful quality pieces and some of them have designer names but I've decided to go in another direction. The link to our Rolling Meadows ad is below. The photos are at the top of the photo section...