Go Cubs Go

You're probably wondering what the Cubs have to do with jewelry. For me, they go hand in hand. Here is a photo of my Cubs Die-Hard Cub Fan Club card. My dad got this for me when I was in high school but I've really been a fan since grade school. My parents signed me up for instructional baseball back then and I didn't like it at first, I wasn't very good and I'm a perfectionist. However, they asked me to at least complete the session and then if I didn't like it after that, I didn't have to continue. It taught me at a young age to follow through on commitments and never give up. I completed the session and went on to join the softball team in junior high. Although I still wasn't very good and it wasn't easy to be a member of that team as several teammates went on to become state champions in high school, I developed a life-long love of baseball. My dad was the first base coach and it was a great way for us to connect. For three years in high school, I was part of the "Preppie" 16" softball league. They stuck me in right field because not too many people hit the ball that way but I never gave up. I still have my three trophies from those years. Senior year I was old enough to get a job so that's why I only was a member for the three years.

After college, I landed my first job as an accountant for a computer leasing company. I joined the company softball team. Again, still not talented but kept trying. I remember they had me at catcher one day and my boss threw a rocket at me from third base. So scary, catchers really get beat up behind the plate. When I'd go up to bat people would murmur "there's a strikeout" but I just tuned the haters out. One of the greatest moments of my life was when I actually didn't strike out and hit a real base hit over the heads of the third baseman and shortstop into left field. It was such an awesome feeling to have the ball and bat connect in the right way, I felt like a pro. The guy I had a crush on was coaching first base and gave me a high five. Epic late '80s moment for sure!

Something I really enjoy doing is working on jewelry with the air conditioning cranked up while listening to the Cubs. I either have it in the background on TV or listen to the radio broadcast on my 1940s Zenith Racetrack tube radio. Being so busy with my own businesses it's hard to find the time to listen to every game. It's hard to believe July is nearly here and baseball season is half over! I'm planning to take time to work on cleaning and pricing sterling silver jewelry over the July 4 weekend at least during each game. I'm planning to squeeze in time for a hot dog as well. I have so many amazing pieces to show and they will be coming up at our estate sales soon. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!