Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! We are a very small family (just Mother, Kuochun and I locally) but we went to Mother's for a while in the afternoon. I had my 510-calorie Seattle Sutton Thanksgiving Dinner in hand (turkey, stuffing, green beans, cranberry/orange sauce and a tiny pumpkin cheesecake for dessert) and Mother had one for herself as well. Kuochun wanted to carry out from a restaurant but nothing other than Chinese was open. He decided to go to Mariano's and get their prime rib from the deli. He choose a rustic potato salad for his side, it looked like potato skins flavor with bacon and cheddar. While he was there he bought some ice cream sandwiches which were on sale including some classics in a mini size. This was the best thing he could have ever brought Mother. With our healthy dinners plus this 100-calorie treat, it kept us on track. Tomorrow it will be 8 weeks for me and 9 weeks for Mother on Seattle Sutton. I weigh myself every Monday morning so time will tell as to the 8-week result but as of 7 weeks I am down 15 pounds. My pants are still fitting the same but some of the shirts which were too tight around the middle before are now wearable. I also have to let go of some of my oversized shirts, they look too big now. I am not going for the oversized look at this time!

I have not worn some of these shirts and those I have are in great condition. I will be offering them for sale at our Holiday Extravaganza in Glenview which begins December 9. They are all boutique brands and are great quality. There will be a double hang clothing rack filled with goodies! I will be going through my purses and shoes as well. Unfortunately I sent a lot of items to Scottsdale to sell there but I will be able to put together a beautiful collection for Glenview. They will not be thrift store pricing but will be offered at a big discount from retail. This coming week I will be shooting photos and posting them to the ads.

I posted a big jewelry purge this past Sunday evening and overall it was a big success. There are 9 (well 10, I'm keeping the flower ring!) of 26 items remaining and most of them are represented here in this collage. It is not surprising that the four most expensive items of the purge are still available. The pin and cuff bracelet are great values though at $70 and $80 respectively. Except for the pendant for which I have a potential backup buyer, the other items are already in the online store. CLICK HERE for details! Below is the photo of the initial lot:

There were so many pieces that I had to make it a rectangular as opposed to a square photo. Tonight I am planning to post the rest of my collection of bolos. Bolos are very hot right now and can be worn by men or women. I am actually having a local artist take two of my spectacular round pins (one Zuni and one Navajo) to potentially turn them into bolos right now. I had him put shepherd's hooks on them but I did not really love them hanging on Navajo pearls. I think the round pieces will have way more interest as bolos and will be really easy to wear, just throw on and go! They may be a little too Western to wear around here but I have already decided to subdivide my pieces into Chicago and Phoenix wear.

Circling back around to Thanksgiving again, although we do not have a big multi-generational event to participate in and our food was not a total splurge, we have everything to be thankful for. These past two years have been very challenging in many ways but we are starting to come out the other side now. It is hard to believe that we only have three weeks left of our 2021 estate sale season. They will be a very busy three weeks though and I look forward to the holiday break. Yesterday when I was at Mother's I found 6 more shoeboxes of sterling silver jewelry to sell! I definitely have my work cut out for me but so it does not get overwhelming I need to just tackle one box at a time. I also need to say "no" for now when people want to sell me more! The most valuable pieces will go in the online store and those which are more budget friendly will go in the jewelry caravan.

As usual, so much to do! I do a lot of shopping for essentials this time of year because the companies I follow typically offer their best pricing of the year. As far as personal items, I have stocked up on Better Life cleaning products (laundry detergent and dish soap,) bought new comfort shoes from Dee Trade, shampoo and conditioner from Bumble & Bumble and supplements from Paleovalley. On the business side, I splurged on the Replica Studio and 7 more surfaces from Replica Surfaces because they were an amazing 25% off. I am accumulating so many surfaces now that I ordered a rolling rack for them on Amazon which is supposed to arrive today. I debated about ordering another carrying case but decided the rack will be way more handy to page through the surfaces at hip level. A lot of them are heavy to carry as well! I figure my favorites can go back and forth in the carrying case from here to Scottsdale.

I still have Cocunat, ColorTheWorld, Color Wow, Consuela, Dermatonics, Rapt in Maille and Taos Bakes offers in my e-mail box. I already need more label tape for the Brother P-Touch so I was glad to see a 15% off coupon come through last night. Well, I better get back to work so I can pay for all this stuff! :)