Mexican Jewelry & More

This week I ended up posting three lots of jewelry - a fabulous lot of new arrival newer artisan signed Native American pieces, the lot of Mexican silver jewelry featuring onyx which is pictured above and a lot of new arrival Native American pieces from an upcoming estate sale. We are also in the midst of four suburban estate and moving sales this weekend in Arlington Heights, Kildeer, Mundelein and Niles. Our Mundelein and Niles sales will continue on Monday at an incredible 90% off original prices on almost everything. The Mundelein sale is in a large 5-bedroom home with a 3-car garage and has newer items for every member of the family and our Niles sale is filled with vintage charm including furniture, decor and more for indoors and the garden. A lot has sold but there are definitely bargains to be had!

As I mentioned last week, there are not as many Facebook groups which specialize in Mexican or vintage silver jewelry so there will likely be more items available for sale from the non-Native American lots. From the Mexican silver and onyx lot above, the cat pin, the grasshopper pin and the earrings on the right have sold, all of the other pieces are available. The statement necklace in the center is my design, the pin came to me with the backing missing and I had the strand of large but plain sterling pearls which were too short for me. I took the two pieces to a local jeweler and he was able to turn the pin into a pendant and restring the necklace on sturdy sterling chain, adding the onyx beads to tie the two pieces together. This jeweler specializes in Native American and Mexican jewelry and he just loved the pin. As I already suspected and he confirmed, the pin is from the 1940s. I just love happy motifs like flowers, hearts, butterflies and dragonflies but decided to put this necklace up for sale.

The other day I decided to get all of my butterfly jewelry out, I have really expanded the collection this year. When we were in Arizona this year, Mother said "DO NOT BUY ANOTHER BUTTERFLY!" but I just couldn't help myself. There is definitely one that got away though. We stopped by Buffalo Dancer's booth at the Tucson Gem Show which was kind of non-descript as far as the display goes. It would have been easy to pass it by but something just told me to take a look. I fell in love with the charming designs and wonderful quality. I bought quite a few pieces to bring back to share with everyone but did not get any of their statement pieces. They had statement necklaces with hearts and the most amazing large colorful butterfly pendant. I looked at it more than once but decided it was too big and bold. However, on our last day we went to a different show and saw the most elegant lady with a huge butterfly pendant worn close to the neck. She looked so amazing! I have been thinking about that butterfly ever since. I hope the world will be in better shape by next February so we are able to go to the Gem Show. This experience with selling jewelry during the stay at home order has changed the direction that I would like to go with jewelry and I would be visiting the Gem Show with new eyes. We are very hopeful!

I have basically caught up with my Native American jewelry collection but I am always looking for more. This box came in the mail from Colorado a week ago Friday and I posted it on Sunday evening along with some other vintage finds. The newer pieces were all artisan signed and really special. I was not surprised to find that this lot was really popular. Still available are the fabulous Richard and Rita Begay waterfall necklace, the Delbert Delgarito earrings at the lower left, the ring at the far lower right, the very cool old ring at the upper left and the ring displayed on the antler towards the top. One thing I love about doing this is connecting people with items that they enjoy. I also like a good challenge! Yes, those are two single earrings at the bottom of the photo and I did find a home for them.

The third lot for the week consisted mostly of vintage Native American pieces from an upcoming Arlington Heights estate sale, as well as a few more vintage finds and a couple of my personal pieces which I never ended up wearing. I had the statement turquoise enhancer pendant on consignment with the jeweler I mentioned previously for about a year so when I brought my repairs in for the first time after the stay at home order lifted I decided to take it back and try my hand at selling it. I had also brought in the gorgeous pin which is at the bottom, asking to repurpose it into a pendant or necklace. The jeweler advised against it because it is a signed piece of value. I wish I could figure out how to wear it because I bought a pair of earrings from this jeweler which coordinate beautifully but I just do not have a use for pins. I never wear jackets, always knit tops so they do not lend themselves well to pins. Maybe I will get one of those converters with a tube and bale to slip on the pin so I can wear it as a pendant without compromising it.

I was able to find a new home for the turquoise pendant as well as most of the other items from this lot. Still remaining are the sterling pin, the ring on the left and just below the turquoise pendant, the two men's rings, the cowboy boot scarf slide and the pink mother of pearl earrings. The other items have all flown away and I could have sold many of them 10 times over! I would love to have my first lot sellout without having to post any pieces to the online store. I am thinking about posting the few remaining items tomorrow during the day with an added discount for incentive.

Because the July 4 holiday falls on a Saturday this year, our estate sale clients collectively decided to avoid the weekend. I will take the time to work on my taxes. I keep up with the income on a monthly basis but not the expenses. I use Quickbooks for self-employed and it's well worth the $10 per month. The app keeps track of everywhere I drive so I have a totally accurate mileage deduction each year. "All" I have to do is label the trips personal or business and give them a category for the purpose of the trip. A solid 95% of what I do is business-related so it is not too hard to do. It also keeps track of my bank account and credit card transactions. The recurring expenses already have their categories set up so I just need to identify the non-recurring expenses. Also, anything people in our group pick up for the business that I reimburse them for need to be entered manually. It is not difficult, just time-consuming. Every year I say I will work on it ahead of time so it is not last-minute. This will be a good opportunity to do just that!

I plan to work on estate sale paperwork and jewelry lots as well. I am on a roll with the jewelry and although with everything else it is taking hustle like never before to keep up I am determined to make 2020 as positive as possible. Plus we have an angel looking out for us and we are seeing signs, more about that next time!