It's Time For Cuff Bracelets

I decided to get started on the project to put the entire vintage Native American jewelry collection in the online store so I can then post an online sale through It seemed like cuff bracelets would be a good place to start so I gathered them all up. I have quite a few so I divided them into three categories - turquoise, no stones and multi/other stones. All of the pieces with multi/other stones are now in the store. In an ideal world each item would have a different lead photo and multiple views but in the end I thought I could get more items out there if I just take one closeup photo per piece. The dark petrified wood and black glitter backdrop I had been using for this collection felt so dark this time of year so I went with two of my newer props - the black and white cowhide and the larger oak slice I bought from an Irish seller on Etsy. I started with one of my smaller oak slices but was not happy with it but I am pleased with the way these photos came out. I am always glad to answer questions and the night these pieces were posted I already received a request to post a photo of the back side of the Carlos Eagle cuff. I gladly obliged but no sale as of yet.

The Carlos Eagle is the priciest cuff I currently have but it is not the first one I have had from this celebrity artist. Carlos Eagle is famous for his cornrow inlay work. The first piece I had was the one directly above, a wide cuff with a multitude of different stones and the one I currently have is simpler with single rows of turquoise, tiger's eye and jet. Each very beautiful in their own way! CLICK HERE to check out the rest of the new arrivals in the Vintage Native American Silver jewelry collection. The experience of photographing and posting the cuff bracelets has shown me that this project is going to take way longer than I thought. Because this is not my full-time job, I think a more reasonable goal will be to post the online sale in early fall keeping holiday gifts in mind. However I have sold one of the cuffs on eBay already!

The day we have been waiting for finally arrived on Thursday - Kuochun's appointment with a new urologist for a second opinion on his condition. I am well familiar with the building because my oral surgeon's office is there. He removed my wisdom teeth when I was 21 and about 3 years ago he helped me with an implant. The experience at the urologist was like night and day from the other office, such a professional and knowledgeable staff from A to Z. The doctor spent a good amount of time with us and had an electronic screen in the exam room which enabled him to use interactive illustrations to explain to Kuochun how he could help him. It was so effective for both of us.

The doctor said he knows that this is a little strange (to recommend and schedule a procedure at the first meeting) but he said Kuochun has suffered enough. If Kuochun can receive clearance from his primary doctor and cardiologist, he will be able to have a procedure done on June 23 which should rid him of the catheter and solve his issue for a long time to come. The doctor said his father had the same procedure done (but not by him because he lives 1,000 miles away) and he has been going strong for 13 years. It was so great to finally receive some good news.

It has been a record-breaking week for new estate sales, we booked eleven sales, three of which are next weekend. We do not have summer help like we have had in the past but we are making it work beautifully with our awesome regular team as well as some occasional reinforcements. A lot of jewelry is needed for these events so the plan is to transition the jewelry caravan from large to medium size cases. They are easier to transport from sale to sale and allow me to give each case a theme and mix things up from week to week. The only drawback is the cases are real glass and several have broken this year alone. Every time a case breaks it is a trip to Park Ridge Paint & Glass and $47.00. I used to use plexiglass but it gets cloudy and scratched easily. It is so much easier to see the jewelry through real glass. One of these days I am going to sew envelopes for them out of moving blankets.

Just when I said last week that there was minimal vintage Native American jewelry left to post online, I received a call from one of my sources and they had quite a few reasonably priced pieces for me. As usual, they also had lots of other great items to buy. I bought nearly 20 ounces of sterling silver rings for a nice deal, I will pass the savings along and plan to introduce them to the jewelry caravan soon. The other pieces will be polished, priced and added to the caravan over the next month. The ring collection is so in need of a refresh! It is interesting that rings are the best sellers even though customers not only need to like the style but it has to fit them. Maybe it is because we have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs to display them on.

Mother is still at Lutheran Home, recovery from the knee replacement is taking longer than anticipated. Thankfully the home is very clean and she has the best room which is like a suite. However she does not like the food so I have brought her Jimmy John's and Culver's. Rachel brought her Subway before she headed back home. The hope is that Mother will be able to come home next week but then I will need to stay with her for a while to be sure she stays safe. Luckily Kuochun is now pretty self-sufficient. I anticipate lots more trips up and down Central Rd to help the two of them out. I am hoping that things will be settled down with them before it starts to get really hot, then I plan to stay in the air conditioning as much as possible!

Due to the holiday weekend I decided to not to post a new jewelry collection. The week before I only had time to post to three groups so I posted the same collection to the remaining groups instead. Although nothing sold I am glad I gave it a try because I would have wondered about it.

Well that is enough for this go-around, see you next time!