Ninth Week At Home

It has been an extremely hectic week with five online estate sales and the jewelry sales going 24/7. However I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on both fronts. We will expect an announcement from our governor next week on whether we can move to Phase 3 of the Restore Illinois program after May 29. If so, all gatherings of 10 people or less whether essential or non-essential will be allowed. This will enable us to get a little closer to "normal" by allowing customers to enter homes to shop without an appointment. We would finally be able to hold the sales that we have postponed three times. Of course, we will continue to follow CDC guidelines. We have a plan in place for encouraging social distancing as well. Fingers crossed!

As a result of the estate sale craziness, I was only able to post two lots of the gallery-worthy Native American jewelry for sale this week. I am planning to post Saturday's lot today and after that I estimate that will I have one more lot to go. Today's lot will feature coral, I just received an amazing adjustable coral ring in the mail yesterday which I will be able to offer in this lot. I love the Native American jewelry and I am so grateful for all the wonderful sales but I am looking forward to working on some of the other jewelry. Until I receive more Native American pieces I am going to try and mix it up going forward and post some vintage costume jewelry along with the Mexican and Southwest pieces. There is so much great stuff that I am anxious to share but I have to realize that I am only one person and it is going to take time. I have been working on it every day for two months and overall I am thrilled with the progress I have made and with the results.

This week we introduced a new feature with one of our online estate sales that our GoDaddy websites provide - online appointments. It has worked beautifully so far and it has given the idea for me to do the same on C'est La Brie's. Once we are allowed, I would like to set aside time every week that people can come view jewelry and other items we have for sale at home base by appointment. I am thinking about offering Friday and Saturday afternoons to start. Appointments will be able to be booked through the C'est La Brie's website.

Although we hope to move in a positive direction with estate sales, I do not think that I can offer the jewelry caravan at the sales until we are at least at Phase 4 of the recovery. The timing of the pandemic was such that I had only been back from the big buying trip in Arizona for a month and had not yet incorporated the new finds into the caravan. I will continue to post jewelry online and ship purchases for no charge but the appointments will provide the opportunity to see all of the jewelry at once. If you need a gift, to match jewelry to an outfit or just miss the jewelry caravan come pay me a visit. There is no obligation! Entry will be through the garage and there will be items for sale in both the breezeway and garage. I will make an announcement once we have gotten the go-ahead and I am ready for business.

Since I only posted the two jewelry lots this week, I will not repeat the above photo here but will provide the recap. All of the cuff bracelets except the one in the center with the turquoise oval and swirls, all of the pieces to the left of the necklace, the ring with turquoise and sugilite, the larger onyx earrings, the inlay post earrings and the eagle with feathers earrings have all sold, the other pieces are available and will be posted to the online store in the next week and a half or so. This was a popular lot!

This "naked" (no stones) lot was popular as well! All three of the necklaces, the wave bracelet, the hoop earrings, the earrings at the lower left, the feather barrette, the roadrunner pin and the beaded bracelet/necklace extender have all sold, the remaining pieces are available. I have decided to keep the reversible kokopelli pendant unless someone steps forward to buy it. I gravitate towards the cute rather than the serious so I think this would be a great addition to my collection. I do not have anything with the kokopelli theme. Over time, collections evolve and during this time at home I have let go of some of my personal pieces. They all sold for what I wanted and went to good homes so that makes me happy. I should not be but I did buy a few pieces this past couple of weeks so I will be going through my collection one more time once I receive the new pieces to see if there is anything else that I would like to sell.

Mother is going through her collection as well and will have pieces to offer. She has the best taste so anything she has is amazing. Staying at home and watching her natural white color grow in, Mother said that she is not going to color her hair anymore and go with the natural color, but amp it up so it looks its best. I said she should go back to jewel tones in clothing as opposed to neutrals to compliment the new hair color. As a result, she will probably find more jewelry to sell that does not go with the new color scheme. I have not been able to have a haircut for 4 months as my last appointment was two days before the stay at home order took effect and the salon decided to close that entire week. As I watch my hair grow as well, I am undecided as to what to do. I may not color it fully anymore but have our stylist paint a bright color on it like purple, which is my favorite. I always said if I was going to color my hair it was not going to be a natural color. Our salon is going to start booking appointments for June next week and I should be one of the first they call as I was one of the first to be cancelled. They are planning to take safety precautions such as no blow drying, sit in your car while color is processing etc. For this next time I think I will forego the color and just get a haircut for utilitarian purposes, saving the color ideas for when things are more safe. I miss my bangs!

Well I am off to work on the jewelry, see you next time!