Our Inspiration

We have changed the name of our pop-up shop from Brie's Gift Gallery to C'est La Brie's. It literally means "It's Brie's" in French and we thought it kind of sounded like "c'est la vie." My mother and I love all things French. We are both of French descent (I have it on both sides of the family. My Ancestry.com information was just updated and now I'm a solid 21%!) My mother has been to France many times and she has often said if she could master the language, she would move to Paris. She had trouble pronouncing "deux," the word for two and had to order "trois" or three of everything!

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Paris twice and it's such a magical place. We visited several flea markets on my two trips and the big market especially, Marche Aux Puces, is simply amazing. We ran out of money quickly buying beads and buttons to make jewelry with. We found that we were never mistaken for American tourists, we fit right in.

We always brought the feeling of a true French Market to our brick and mortar store and plan to continue that atmosphere at C'est La Brie's.

We love all things French so much that we gave our Miniature Schnauzer puppies French names. More on that story next time!