Outstanding "New" Jewelry Arrivals

I started work on the large lot of jewelry I received back from consignment, starting with brilliant blue turquoise which is most popular. I have not seen some of these pieces in a number of years! The centerpiece necklace and coordinating cuff bracelet feature some of the most exquisite Navajo work I have ever seen in person. Interestingly, they are so similar but each signed by a different artist. The pendant is signed Justin Morris and the cuff, Aaron Chischrligi. They must have collaborated on this set! To fill in, I added a few pieces from my personal collection which I still think are beautiful but I have never worn. I have three dresser drawers with jewelry here in Mount Prospect and I went through the top drawer to start. I have not gotten used to wearing rings again since my divorce (22 years ago!) so the rings were the first to go. The triple flower ring which was mine has sold along with the amazing Bisbee turquoise cluster pendant at the lower right and the watch at the lower left. All the other pieces are available. I have not gotten used to wearing cuff bracelets either but I am going to keep one that actually does fit and is exceptional-looking. The others will go up for sale this summer. In addition, I selected a gorgeous artisan signed vintage pendant with amethyst from Mexico as well as some local artisan made pieces from back in the '90s and a Taxco Mexico set which was new at the time. These pieces will go into the jewelry caravan very soon!

Unfortunately I did not have time to post any new items online but sales are starting to pick up. I sold multiple items on eBay, Etsy and Poshmark in a wide price range. This gives me a lot of encouragement to keep posting! There has been a lot of estate sale paperwork to do but I will have a bit of a break next week with "only" three packages. There should definitely be time to post more items!

On Thursday after hemming and hawing for a couple of weeks (which is not at all like me, I am normally a fast decision-maker) I broke down and ordered the torso mannequins at buy two get one free on Etsy from Macedonia. I just could not find anything similar after much online searching. The two I purchased are going to be a little too tall for the light box but I may be able to use them for outdoor photos and definitely for display at the pop-up sales. The "free" one as shown above will fit in the box as long as the measurements given are accurate. She is not very exciting but I am hoping I will be able to dress her up with some jackets I purchased in size Small. I have not received a response from the seller, I am not sure if she has them in stock or needs to make them before shipping but I checked Etsy and it says delivery is scheduled between September 8-26. I sure hope they arrive sooner than that!

I also purchased two of these string mannequins from an Etsy shop in Canada. I would have loved all the colors but they only have grey and a beige color which is not pictured here. They will fit easily in the box and hopefully will give folks a decent idea of what necklaces will look like on. I am looking forward to giving them a try!

The Etsy seller I purchased the earring models from posted a couple of new styles including this fabulous cowgirl. I shot a photo with Native American earrings on the regular pretty model and it looked OK but this one will be so much more appropriate. The seller also posted a beautiful model with a crown of flowers in her hair but half her face was "regular" and the other half was a sugar skull. I asked her if she would make one for me with both sides regular and after a couple of tweaks she was able to do it. She liked it so much she is going to add the design to her shop and gave me a $5 refund! It will be great for Mexican silver earrings. I think this will complete my collection but I will keep an eye out for more models.

There were more medical appointments for Mother and Kuochun. Kuochun went to his primary care doctor on his own Monday as well as to an ultrasound of his liver on Tuesday. I helped Mother with another visit to her primary care doctor as well as an eye test at Assure Vision in Arlington Heights and a rehab visit for her legs. Her eyes thankfully did not change much so she decided not to purchase another pair of glasses. She still has two "old" pairs from when she was coloring her hair brown as well as the sleek Japanese eyeglasses and funky French sunglasses with prescriptions she selected last time. I took a look at the new frames from French maker La Font and as always, they had a bunch of cute styles.

Kuochun, however has been diagnosed with a fatty liver and his doctor recommended he switch to a Mediterranean or DASH diet and cut down on white foods and sugar. I am familiar with both as one is heart healthy and the other is brain healthy. These are guidelines everyone should follow so I will try and help him. He does not eat much sugar but I do not see him giving up white rice altogether as it has been a staple for him his whole life. For other meals though, the millet and brown rice ramen noodles at Costco are fabulous and the brown rice and quinoa fusilli at Trader Joe's are a great alternative as well. The latter is great with pesto sauce! In spite of Kuochun's medical difficulties these past two years, he said the other day that he feels "full of life" for his age. I told him I loved to hear him say that and I will do my best to help keep him feeling that way.

Vivi headed back to The Grooming Lodge to be beautified on Tuesday. Unfortunately the fur on her body could not be saved, mainly because she would not allow us to brush her and she is shaved except for her beard. I told Kuochun she looks like a little greyhound with her long legs! I have been trying to brush her beard every day and also brushing her body a little even though there is nothing to brush so she can feel good about being brushed again. Margot went for her "meet and greet" at The Grooming Lodge on Thursday and thankfully passed the test. She will go for her grooming next Tuesday. Margot has proven difficult to groom in the past so we hope for the best. She is very cute and deserves to look nice. The only place we have found so far who has never shaved them down and did not mention Margot's behavior is FurBabies in Scottsdale. They look amazing when they leave there but it is not easy to maintain. For the last month or so in Arizona, they kept picking up little round plant burrs in their fur. We never had any issues in Mount Prospect except for this year. They were picking up leaves and branches in their furry legs on every walk. Going forward, it would be nice to have their hair length somewhere in the middle to combat this a bit. Margot learned to be patient when I removed hers but Vivi was not having it. They definitely have their personalities!

That is all for this week, see you next time!