Pet Portraits

I knew I wanted to use "the girls" as advertisting for our pop-up sales and I found the perfect way to do so one day when I was watching Pickler & Ben, the adorable talk show with Kellie Pickler and Ben Aarons which is on the Live Well Network locally. They had an Etsy segment on the show and an Etsy representative presented the work of several different artists. One was LucyLovesPaper, and they showed work she had done with custom people portraits. I thought they were so darling and the perfect style for what we are going for. I went to Etsy and looked Lucy up and was so happy to see she did pet portraits too. I asked if she could do the portraits in custom colors to match our graphics and she said she could! I sent her the color palette along with photos of the girls and also mentioned that we would like them to be wearing jewelry. This is the result of our collaboration! My mother requested the jewelry style for Vivi and I knew exactly what I wanted for Margot. I highly recommend checking Lucy out on Etsy if you're looking for an alternative to a photo portrait.

I had the portraits printed on wood through AdoramaPix and we are going to hang them in our pop-up shop. They are 16" x 24" and just beautiful! They will make a real statement.

We are waiting for smaller prints to arrive which were done on bamboo art paper, also from AdoramaPix which my mother is going to display at home.

Next time the subject will be our upcoming pop-up sales and what we have in store!