Scottsdale Treasures

I'm back after a busier than usual weekend last week. We have a very small family so we are not used to it but we had four summer events to attend in July. Two weeks ago, my cousin Jenifer celebrated her 40th birthday at her in-laws' home in the south suburbs of Milwaukee. Last weekend, our dear helper Thommy celebrated her 70th birthday at her home in Inverness and the granddaughter of close family friends had her high school graduation party at their home in Northfield. Next weekend, my sister Rachel is flying in from New York to celebrate her 50th birthday, our mother is throwing her a party. So far, all of the parties have been very nice with great people and food!

So now back to business. During this time, our friend who owns a Native American jewelry store in Scottsdale, AZ flew in with new goodies. He comes to the area every so often to sell fabulous items from his store to us as well as select store owners in southern Wisconsin. Usually we are one of the last stops on his tour but I asked him to make us first this time. As a result, there was even more of a cool selection for us!

This photo just shows a few of the wonderful pieces we are now offering for sale. The beaded necklace on the left has all genuine stones and is by T&R Singer, the family of famous Navajo silversmith Tommy Singer who is carrying on his tradition. We have similar necklaces in purple charoite and turquoise as well. The squash blossom is a stunning piece from the 1960s and is reasonably priced! The necklace on the right is a great everyday piece and is made from vintage beads. The snake cuff bracelet is one of three we have from a very famous Zuni mother and daughter. I'm very tempted to keep the turquoise cuff bracelet, I'm in love with the design!

A bit of a departure from the usual offerings are these amazing rings which are hand made from all genuine gemstones, sterling silver and 12K gold. Our friend has kindly offered complimentary ring sizing on these rings! They are pricier than what we usually offer but they are so special. Each one is one of a kind!
Next weekend these pieces and many other unique finds will be offered at our Lincolnshire and Barrington sales. Check our Facebook page for updates on which pieces will be where.

Lincolnshire July 25-28:
Barrington July 26-28 (per village rules:)