Third Week At Home

Our third week at home is complete with lots of work progress made! I have polished off all of the estate sale paperwork so now I will be officially switching my work balance from full time estate sales and part time jewelry to the reverse. We posted our first online estate sale on for a Roselle household. The sale had to be cancelled because the home is under contract to be sold with a pending closing date. However we were able to secure the great collections of watches and pens as well as other interesting items. Click on the photo or the link to see our sale. created the online sale type so that we could safely work during this challenging time. I was so excited to see that I could link the ad to my online store where items can be securely purchased. Payment methods accepted are flexible including PayPal and all major credit cards. Then the ball is in my court to ship the items out! As a very experienced online seller with an over 13,800 positive feedback rating on eBay alone, the transition has been easy. It's just like riding a bike, I've gone right back into the "good old days" of online selling. I've found it to be very peaceful compared to estate sale work! I'm hoping will keep the online sale type going forward as it would be a great solution for us to help households who have great items but not enough for a traditional estate sale or have restrictions such as a homeowner's association and/or gated community.

Here are this past weekend's sales which went out on Monday - the two largest boxes are watches and the rest are jewelry. I am so very grateful for the online sales, it is definitely helping! I posted three lots of Native American jewelry this past week - two with turquoise and one without stones. As part of my jewelry collection reorganization, I decided to part ways with some pieces I love but didn't end up wearing. I was happy to see that almost all of them found a new home! There is a really pretty sterling silver and turquoise necklace and earrings set in the third largest box. Here is a recap of the postings for the week:

The post earrings, eagle pendant and keychain have sold, the rest are available. I have two pair of the dangle earrings resting inside the large pendant necklace. There are some really special pieces in this lot including the Johnathon Nez necklace, the Rebecca T Begay tufa cast cuff bracelet and the round pin / pendant. The Kingman turquoise cuff bracelet is one of my favorite pieces of all time. I wish I could wear it but it's too small for me. These are all gallery-quality pieces at half the gallery price!

The Navajo pearls tassel necklace, two-strand necklace and earrings have sold as well as the three-strand sterling pearls and the chandelier earrings. All of the other pieces are available. These cuff bracelets are all interesting and unique in their own ways. The bracelet on the far right is by Priscilla Apache and is excellent quality and very reasonably priced. The four corners cross pendant is by Ronnie Willie is my personal piece, I purchased it at a wonderful store called Castle Gap Jewelry in Dallas, TX. We went there for the Roller Derby World Cup, Rachel skated for Team Ireland. When I searched online I did not find another quite like it!

The necklace and earrings set, the #8 turquoise earrings at the lower left, the snake eyes cuff bracelet, the cufflinks and four rings - the two large statement rings, the ring at the left with the flower and the ring at the lower right have all sold, the other pieces are available. I'm working on getting more turquoise jewelry but for now this will be my last lot of vintage to newer mixed turquoise until the stay at home order has lifted.

On tap for this week will be to finish the Native American jewelry collection - I still have at least another lot of beautiful pieces without stones as well as some great pieces which feature black onyx. I also found a few gold pieces including a ring with sugilite inlay. I will sneak those in at some point! I'm also planning to switch gears momentarily and post an amazing collection of high-end vintage costume jewelry I purchased last year. There are exquisite pieces in a variety of styles by Miriam Haskell, Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel designer,) Ciner, Givenchy, HAR, Swarovski and more. Until then!