We Love High-End Sales

This past week has been a hectic one, which is par for the course! We continued our Lake Zurich high-end moving sale to Labor Day Monday and it was a huge success. It worked out beautifully to combine this sale with the holiday since many had the day off. Even with a reduced discount schedule all weekend we sold nearly everything in the home. These items were worth it! We are excited to present another high-end moving sale in Elmhurst next weekend. I just had to post the nighttime shot of the home here. This home is gorgeous and looks like it belongs in California! We love the homeowners' style which is really charming. Click on the photo above for more details. While we enjoy the vintage sales at the homes with decades of accumulation it is so wonderful to have the opportunity to work in the high-end homes as well. It's been a bit of trend lately with these two sales and our recent Winnetka sale. Hoping the trend will continue!

We just booked a new sale this past week which will represent the best of both worlds. The home has a Niles address but is located adjacent to Chicago - Edgebrook which is our favorite Chicago locale to work in. The neighborhood is called Bunker Hill. It's a 1966 (the year I was born!) mid-century modern home which is the epitome of '60s swank. More than 5,000 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, there are gorgeous walnut walls and the best indoor pool room I have ever seen with sculptural cement block walls and a mosaic tile border around the pool. The pool has been maintained but has not been used for 30 years and is in pristine condition. The folks who purchase this home will be lucky ducks! The home is loaded with interesting vintage items of all sorts in a variety of styles and there is the most jewelry we have seen in a long time. We have started to work on the earrings and this is only about 15% of the total collection. So far we are finding quality costume jewelry earrings from Christian Dior and St. John as well as fun '80s sparklers! The sale will start a day after my birthday on October 8 and the plan is to work two weeks ahead. We cannot wait to start!

On the jewelry front this week, I posted the above lot of vintage to new sterling silver and brilliant blue turquoise jewelry. The pieces are a combination of treasures from my personal collection and new arrivals. The large naja pendant with hearts, the small butterfly pendant in the center and the dancing man ring are spoken for, surprisingly the remaining items are available. The price of silver has gone up and my resources are passing those increases along to me but the prices are still reasonable given their uniqueness and pedigree. The belt buckle is an original Tommy Singer piece, he was a very famous Navajo silversmith who invented the chip inlay technique in the 70's. He tragically died in a motorcycle accident in 2014. His family has carried on the jewelry design tradition and I actually have a statement necklace in my inventory marked T&R Singer (Tommy & Rose) which would be post-2014. The original pieces are getting harder to find.

After about a month and a half dry spell, I posted eleven Native American jewelry items to the online store, eBay and Etsy yesterday. I have quite a backlog of fabulous pieces that have been posted to Facebook but did not sell, going back to mid-May. There was a period from mid-July to mid-August where I did not have the chance to post anything new because we were so busy with estate sales. It looks like the crunch time has officially ended for the year (but we still have a full estate sale schedule!) and I hope to now be able to find a balance between the two. It might be a lofty goal but I would like to eliminate the backlog of the Native American pieces by the end of the month and work on the Mexican pieces in October. It will be the first holiday season ever that I have had a substantial amount of jewelry posted online and I am determined to be ready! Yesterday I alternated between estate sale paperwork and jewelry posting so I do not get too burned out with working on one or the other. I worked 14 hours straight other than a lunch and dinner break and it was a very productive day. We do not have any supply pickups this evening so I would like to get a lot of the fabulous new Mexican silver pieces posted which came from the Tucson Gem Show. These pieces have not been presented yet so I am very excited to get them out there. Remaining pieces will be presented at our Elmhurst sale. Until next time!