Welcome to our site!

Allow us to introduce ourselves - I'm Brigid (on the left) and that's my mother Annamarie. We are the folks who brought you Brie's Estate Sales and Brie's Gift Gallery. Brie's comes from the first three letters of my name and the last three letters of my mother's name. My dad calls my mother "Rie" for short. A family friend made the suggestion to put the two together for our store's name back in 2006 and it has stuck ever since. We like to say we have been working together ever since this photo was taken (Eeek! Nearly 50 years ago!) My mother has always been very creative and I'm business-minded so it's been a great combination.

We always dreamed of opening our own store and finally took the plunge. While our store was open, the estate sale business was born and it grew to the level where we sadly had to say goodbye to the store five years ago. However we missed it and we transformed my climate-controlled 2.5 car garage and attached breezeway into a pop-up occasional event space. We've had some great events since then but major construction at my home these past three years has prevented me from keeping an event schedule. Our last event was in March 2018. Thankfully the construction is nearly complete (just one more bathroom to go!) and we are now ready to roll in 2019. We had been using the name of our brick and mortar store, Brie's Gift Gallery but decided to change the name to more closely reflect our pop-up shop concept. Our story will continue with the next post.