• A Milestone Day

    Celebrating a very special milestone birthday in the family, making a plan for new jewelry photos, posting beautiful new pieces online, discovering a local version of a favorite TV show.
  • Garage Sale Is In The Rearview Mirror

    Garage sale completion marks the end of Arizona events for the season, making plans for remaining items, looking forward to sharing new jewelry pieces.
  • The Blur Before The Garage Sale

    Paperwork break has come to an end, steady estate sale business for a "slow" month, preparing for the community garage sale, giving a couple of "new" restaurants a try, posting the second of four jewelry lots with special pieces.
  • Tucson 2024 Wrap-Up

    Final leg of the Tucson trip, right back to the usual schedule, first dental cleaning for our dogs, first jewelry purge in nearly three months.
  • Tucson 2024 & More

    Heavy schedule leading up to Tucson trip, Gem Show shopping and dining recap, road trip to Tubac.
  • So Much For Resolutions!

    The cookie town that is Phoenix and the temptation that is Costco, pop-up sale run, first farmer's market visit of the season, statement ring clearance sale.
  • Welcome 2024!

    Holiday dining recap, making progress on the vintage Native American jewelry collection, knocking a project off my to-do list with positive results, visiting a local flea market and unique restaurant, investing in a new piece of exercise equipment.
  • December Wrap-Up

    December restaurant and event round up, booking the Tucson Airbnb, putting the long-awaited therapy plan into action, work plan for the holiday break.
  • Saying Goodbye To 2023 A Little Early

    Looking back on 2023 and some prior major life events, starting the process of making 2024 a better year.
  • Downsizing Sale Is In The Books

    An eventful downsizing sale, dealing with the last of the items the previous owner left behind, a Costco Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping, saving money on the phone bill.
  • What Randhurst Should Have Been

    Making many visits to a great local shopping center which includes Chicago favorites, lining up a handyman to prepare pop-up sale area, dining recap so far.
  • Quite A Journey, But We Made It

    Celebrating Kuochun's birthday, transitioning to Scottsdale, getting ready to book Tucson Gem Show accommodations, looking forward to a normal schedule.