• Pop-Up Sale Preparation Is Under Way

    Preparing for the summer pop-up jewelry sale, posting a dreamy turquoise jewelry lot, watching informative videos on Facebook, starting to plan a holiday vacation.
  • Summer Jewelry Pop-Up Sale Is On!

    Announcing our summer jewelry pop-up sale, extra estate sale work, Morton Grove restaurant review, introducing new branded packaging and business cards.
  • Brunch Doubleheader

    Mixing things up with the next jewelry purge, preparing for the possible impromptu pop-up sale, hitting up two new brunch spots, organizing our finances.
  • Sunday Night Jewelry Purge Is Back

    Posting the first jewelry purge in two months, switching from Facebook feed to videos, deciding whether Las Vegas is worth a visit, unexpected jewelry splurge, updated Barrington restaurant review, considering an impromptu pop-up sale, getting Scottsdale into shape.
  • My House Is Melting!

    Latest problem at the Scottsdale house, selling jewelry in unexpected ways, more hopeful loved ones health update, getting a handle on the costume jewelry collection, more costume jewelry babies leaving the nest, new restaurant review.
  • Tackling The Mountain Of Jewelry

    Failed cookie order update, making real progress on getting the jewelry collection prepped for sale, countdown to our "Sweet 16" fall pop-up sale in less than three months.
  • Cookie Monster

    Reminiscing about the significance of cookies growing up and trying food shipping for the first time, preparing the caravan for upcoming sales, loved ones health update, getting closer to moving forward with Scottsdale first floor design project.
  • Noodle Nut

    A life-long love of pasta leading to a hidden gem restaurant review, reminiscing at bit about our time in Evanston, loved ones heath update, making progress with the jewelry.
  • New Office Space On A Dime

    Creating a new office space on a budget, queuing up the sterling silver jewelry collection for preparation and sale, internet snafu, taking a break from jewelry posting, planning the fall schedule.
  • All About Our Dogs

    Dog-themed floral arrangement, teepees and T-shirt graphics, new restaurant review, adjusting to a temporary change of venue, preparing new cases for the jewelry caravan.
  • It's Time For Cuff Bracelets

    Starting the process to post the Native American cuff bracelets to the online store, good news for Kuochun, a record-breaking week for new estate sales, a new jewelry purchase is keeping the inventory flowing.
  • Has It Really Been 30 Years?

    Briefly reflecting on 30 years since my wedding day, recap of the AZ moving in sale, planning jewelry sales from now until Tucson, loved ones health update, the last full vintage Native American jewelry lot for a while has been posted.